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This was very good for a first flash but don't steal an explosion from a tutorial! That's low, besides, you just have to trace it. Otherwise good, just try to spiff up your word bubbles (Shadows, Stuff like that) and maybe up the frame rate a bit and you're good!

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Alright, so the drawings were really good, that's your biggest pro. But, I think the music fits... Until Yojimbo starts guarding himself, then it probably should've changed into battle music. Also, you need to work on making your animation smoother, it fit and was nice but it can be GREAT if you fix that up, just put in a couple more frames between movements. So, overall, it was really good, I hope you make another one, maybe a little more story involved?

Blud-Shot responds:

I used 15fps in the movie,I tried 30fps but the way i draw makes the movie way to long to finish.So i had to make it shorter frame rate.Nsxt Yojimbo will be 30fps or so.The story will be more clear in number 2 and the animation alot more smoother.


I saw this when it was in the portal and voted 5, this is great, and the fact that this is going to be a series is amazing. It looks just like an anime, can't wait for episode two!

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Needs polish

This is really good for a first game, but I got a list of things that could help. You should put some effects on your menu like shadow or blur the edges, you know? Also, the magic attacks do less than attack and you can use them infinitely, you should fix that. Also, you might want to add more story or if not, more battles. Otherwise it's a great template for an amazing game. Good luck.

Pretty Good.

Good game, the graphics were a little bad but the game was good. It got quite diffacult after crawling through the vents though. Great game, although I would suggest a bigger jump, it looked as if he touched anything the marine jumped over, keep it up.

Pretty okay

The circles seemed to move quicker than I could shoot. Maybe i'm just bad at the game:( Gotta improve the explosions too. Thats about it, maybe some more power-ups.

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